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The Ultimate Guide for MouthGuards at Your Gold Coast Dentist

If you’re a pro athlete, basketballer, boxer or any team sport that requires a mouthguard, you must have been using this safety piece or probably started to give it a little more consideration due to the protection they provide against a variety of injuries to the face and teeth.

With today’s growing worries on sports injuries and impact-induced concussions, the margins on this (one of the smallest pieces of equipment in an athlete’s bag) product are rising, resulting in state-of-the-art materials and features.

Looking for a piece of gear that can help prevent painful injuries and expensive dental and orthodontic work? Look no more.

Here at Your Gold Coast Dentist in Parkwood, we provide you the ultimate mouth guard guide to enlighten you on everything you need to know and more about mouth guard.

How to Begin

There are three categories of mouthguards to pick from: Custom-Made, Boil and Bite, and stock mouth protectors.

Ranging in cost and quality, custom-made guards are the costliest and therefore the most comfortable. These guards are made with the assistance of dental experts to guaranty an ideal shape of your teeth.

The most prominent mouthguard is the Boil and bite, which is made of a unique rubber designed to become malleable when boiled or heated and then effectively conformed to your mouth.

Finally, Stock mouth protectors are ready to wear items and may not fit the mouth perfectly. They offer the least protection amongst the three.

Sport specific mouth guard

Though it’s not every contact sport that requires mouthguards, however, on so many occasion it has proven to reduce instances of tooth damage or loss. Here at Your Gold Coast Dentist we recommend that you always use a mouthguard for any contact sport.

Here are some of our recommendations by sport:

Football Mouthguards: Football is a high impact sport, as such we recommend an integrated lip guard, which not only protects the players’ lips, but also is a great spot for cool prints.

Basketball Mouthguards: In basketball, there are lots of communication and quick plays, so a mouthguard that is breathable and easy to speak with is the best for you. We recommend a slimmer design with integrated breathing channels, because its more comfortable, lightweight and are easy to speak and breathe with.

Boxing & MMA Mouthguards: Boxers and MMA fighters bear powerful hits to the face. Its therefore imperative to look for a mouthguard with a strong frame and, ideally, protection for both your upper and lower jaw.

How to choose the best mouthguard

It’s very important to consider the following before you choose or buy a mouthguard

Protection: Think about protection first. How hard do you incur impact in a sport, and choose a mouthguard well suited for that use.

Comfort: Ensure the mouthguard is moulded correctly. More so, if moulding is not required, make sure it is comfortable out of the box.

Sport: Every sportsperson has exclusive needs, and you’ll want to consider the correct mouthguard for your sport.

Braces: if you have braces in your teeth worry no more, because there are mouthguards specifically for braces to give you maximum jaw stabilisation and an advanced composite to protect your teeth and any dental appliances.

Provide your teeth with total protection with the help of Your Gold Coast Dentist. Talk to us today to learn more about how we can help.

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