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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction in Parkwood, Queensland

Tooth Extraction Treatment

Certain unfortunate circumstances may lead to the extraction of your teeth.

At Your Gold Coast Dentist, tooth extraction is only recommended when it is the best option. We always want to save your natural tooth, in cases that it is possible.

However, should the situation call for an extraction, you don’t have to worry. Our dentists are skilled and experienced in the procedure.

Patient comfort and safety are at the core of our dental procedures. For your tooth extraction needs, you can count on us.

Tooth Extraction Treatment - Dental Clinic Parkwood, Queensland

Below are some of the possible reasons a tooth extraction may be recommended.

Wisdom tooth problems

Your wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last teeth to erupt. Sometimes, they can have issues that require extraction. Wisdom teeth may be impacted, have gum flaps, cysts, or be partially erupted. All of these situations call for an extraction.

Severe tooth decay

Cavities corrode the enamel, forming holes and pits in the tooth. As the tooth decay progresses, the hole grows larger and larger until only a small portion of the natural structure is left. By this time, the bacteria has started an infection in the dental pulp.

To prevent the tooth decay and bacteria from causing even more damage to your dental health, a tooth which is plagued with severe tooth decay may be extracted. This is only recommended when the remaining structure is not enough for a dental restoration to improve.

Orthodontic necessities

In cases of crowded teeth or of misaligned teeth, treatment through orthodontics may require extractions. This is done so the desired alignment can be achieved.

Financial considerations

Tooth extraction is considerably less expensive compared to other dental treatments that can save the tooth, such as root canal treatment and dental crowns.

Before any dental treatment, a comprehensive dental check-up is performed. For tooth extractions, your medical history will also be checked to ensure your safety. This is the best time to tell your dentist if you are taking medications.

Tooth extractions are safe but we at Your Gold Coast Dentist take your safety very seriously, and therefore would like to be aware of all aspects of your case.

A dental X-ray will be taken to determine the best course of the extraction. A local anaesthesia will be administered to numb the area during the procedure. Tell your dentist if you are still uncomfortable. We have patient comfort techniques to help you relax.

After the extraction, gauze will be placed on the site to allow the blood to clot. Home care tips are given to ensure your safety and fast recovery.

At Your Gold Coast Dentist, your safety is always our first consideration. Our dentists are skilled and experienced in all aspects of dentistry – you are in the right hands.

If your teeth trouble you, come and see us for a comprehensive check up right away. When it comes to your oral health, time is of the essence.

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