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Dr Keziah So

Mandarin Speaking Dentist in Parkwood, Queensland

About Dr Keziah So

Dr Keziah So completed her dental studies at Griffith University and won multiple academic awards during her time at university, such as the Pierre Fauchard Academy Award, the ADA Gold Coast sub branch prize and the Colgate Award for Preventative Dentistry.

She particularly enjoys building strong, long term relationships with her patients and hopes that her gentle and genuine approach will provide a pleasant and memorable dental experience. Dr Keziah is a perfectionist and consistently strives to provide the best care to all her patients.

After working in the Northern NSW region, Keziah is looking forward to returning to the Gold Coast where she grew up. Outside of work, she enjoys doing pilates, figure skating and baking. Besides being fluent in English, she is also fluent in Cantonese and understands basic Mandarin.

Dr Keziah So (蘇蒨婷) 在 Griffith University 牙科畢業。在大學時她曾獲得多個優異獎項,例如 Pierre Fauchard Academy Award 、 ADA Gold Coast sub branch prize 和 Colgate Award for Preventative Dentistry.

Dr Keziah 喜歡與你建立長遠的專業關係。她會用溫和而真誠的專業態度來照顧你。Dr Keziah 是個完美主義者,你會獲得百份百的完美效果。

Dr Keziah 曾在 Gold Coast 和 New South Wales 執業。在工餘時間,她喜歡 pilates 、 花式溜冰和旅行。Dr Keziah 會說流利英語和廣東話。她也能明白基本普通話。

Dr Keziah So speaks English and Cantonese fluently. as well as understands basic Mandarin. She is the primary dentist at Your Gold Coast Dentist in Parkwood.

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