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Kids Dentist

Dentist for Children in Parkwood, Queensland

Kids Dentistry

Your child’s oral health is as important as yours, or that of any age group.
Your Gold Coast Dentist believes that the earlier children are aware of the importance of having good oral hygiene, the higher are their chances of having optimum oral health in the future.

That’s why we encourage parents to have their child experience dentistry at our dental facility. At Your Gold Coast Dentist, it is more than just having healthy teeth – it is giving the best we have to the future generation.

dentist for children

Most people think that caring for the teeth only applies to permanent teeth, making children exempt from this practice. On the contrary, caring for baby teeth is just as important. The health and status of the baby teeth affect the status of the permanent teeth. How?

Baby teeth keep the space and alignment of teeth while the permanent teeth are still developing. When a baby tooth is removed before its time, the remaining teeth shift and move around, disrupting the alignment. As more and more teeth are damaged and removed, the more crooked the alignment of the permanent teeth will be.

Baby teeth also have functions in the speech development of children. Children may find it difficult to learn and pronounce certain sounds and words without the proper number of teeth.

Their function in your child’s nutrition is also compromised. Children need nutrients from solid food. With teeth damaged and decayed, mechanical digestion becomes harder.

At Your Gold Coast Dentist, keeping your child’s teeth and oral health at their best is more than just a job. It is equipping the future generation with the right tools to succeed.

Children’s dentistry at Your Gold Coast Dentist ensures the following;

  • Quality and comprehensive dental services
  • Patient comfort techniques
  • Habit formation
  • Habit correction
  • Values formation
  • Friendly environment
  • Minimal parental intervention

We promote preventative services to children, but we also provide other services such as:

  • Child Dental Benefits Schedule
  • Dental check-ups
  • Dental scale and clean
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Dental sealants
  • Tooth decay
  • Oral hygiene instructions
  • Orthodontics
  • Dental emergency

We also have patient comfort techniques for children who have dental anxiety.

Under the CDBS, eligible children are given access to up to $1000 worth of basic dental treatments over two calendar years. Eligible children are given vouchers to be used when they visit the dentist.

Children must be:

  • Aged (2-17 years old)
  • Member of Medicare
  • In a family receiving financial assistance funded by the Australian government


Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Bulk Bill for children who are eligible for


Up to $1000 worth of dental treatments over two years

Looking for a Dentist for Children in Parkwood?

Give your child the dental treatments he/she needs to have a lifetime of healthy teeth. At Your Gold Coast Dentist, we help our patients achieve and maintain optimum oral health. Enjoy the CDBS at your trusted dental facility in Parkwood.

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