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Top 5 Oral Hygiene Gift Ideas for Holidays from Your Gold Coast Dentist

The holiday season is here again. Now is the time to start thinking about family, friends, food, and, of course, gifts.

So why not give yourself or your loved one the most important gift of all this holiday season.

A gift that will improve and keep their teeth and gums healthy. Remember a healthy tooth gives a happy smile!

Here are a few suggestions from Your Gold Coast Dentist for oral hygiene gift ideas for holidays.

#1. A waterpik

Waterpik is an extraordinary present for that down to earth individual who believes that they have everything that they require – except this! A “water-flosser”.

It is an extraordinary tool for purging between your teeth and along your gums. The constant flow of pulsing water flushes out food and plaque from between your teeth and invigorates your gums to enhance their general wellbeing.

Waterpiks are particularly incredible for people who wear braces (young or old!) and battle with flossing around their brackets.

Other people who benefit from water-flossing are the individuals who battle with their hand coordination or who aren’t as physically capable as they used to be.

Furthermore, any individual who hates to floss, overlooks to floss, or needs to feel extra clean in addition to flossing can enjoy the perks of a waterpik!

#2. Electric toothbrush

A good electric toothbrush can keep your teeth pearly white nice and bright. More so, it provides a better clean than manual brushing, and one with fun colors or cartoon characters can even get kids excited about brushing their teeth.

#3. Clear aligners

Give the gift of straight teeth! If you know someone that have some teeth misalignment or if you’ve noticed that their teeth has started to deteriorate.

Clear aligners could be just the answer to correct the position of their teeth in the most discreet way. It was developed for aligning teeth in a smooth way without clasps, screws or brackets.

#4. Toothbrush sanitizer

Toothbrushes are used to clean all kinds of nasty things off our teeth and in the process leaves lots of germs on the brush. A toothbrush sanitizer gets rid of the plethora of germs and bacteria that thrive on toothbrushes so it doesn’t end up back in your mouth the next time you brush.

These germs are believed to be one of the leading causes of various ailments such as cold and flu, E. coli, meningitis, herpes, etc.

#5. Sugar- free gum

Sugarless gum is a tasty, mouth-healthy treat for kids and adults. But it does more than that. It helps to freshen your breath and can actually help improve your oral health by preventing cavities, strengthen enamel and reduce tooth sensitivity.

Just head straight to the nearest chemist’s shop, grocery shop, or petrol station and make a beeline for all kinds of choices of sugarless gum — perfect for anyone! However, be sure that the sugarless gum carries the ADA seal on the package. That way, you rest assured that the gum is safe and effective.

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