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Dental Checkups

Dental Checkups in Parkwood, Gold Coast

Dental Checkups

A dental checkup is one the basics of dentistry. A comprehensive examination allows your dentist to check your oral health status and devise a dental plan to address existing dental problems.

Your Gold Coast Dentist takes great pride in quality dental services, and emphasises preventative dentistry for healthier and stronger pearly whites. A comprehensive checkup of your teeth and gums is one of our preventative dentistry services.

If you haven’t been to Your Gold Coast Dentist for quite a while, then it’s time for a visit.

Dental Check up - Dentist Parkwood, Queensland

In a regular dental check up, your overall dental health is checked. Everything that affects your oral health is taken into consideration – your neck, jawbone, and soft tissues among other elements. If an irregularity is seen, your dentist may demand more tests. Other diagnostic tests such as oral cancer screening are also conducted. If detected early, the cure rate for oral cancer is up to 90 percent.

Most regular dental examinations also include a professional cleaning. This is an important preventative measure as not all plaque can be removed during brushing. The molars are areas that are difficult to brush because of the fissures and crevices. Tartar can build in these areas, leading to cavities and other dental problems if not removed.

Based on the findings of the examination, your dentist will devise your dental plan, which may include treatments that you need to get to improve your oral health. You will also be educated on the right way to care for your teeth, hygiene, and proper diet.

At Your Gold Coast Dentist, we recommend two dental checkups a year, scheduled once every six months. However, patients with dental problems may be scheduled for more visits as part of their treatment. Dental cleaning and X-ray may not be required as often. They will be performed if called for by your dentist.

The following are other preventative dentistry services performed in our office.

  • Children’s dentistry
  • Family dentistry
  • Oral hygiene instructions
  • Scaling and Cleaning
  • X-rays
  • Mouthguards and splints
  • Dental Sealants

Looking for a Dental Check up in Parkwood?

At Your Gold Coast Dentist, we encourage everyone to take advantage of our preventative dentistry services for healthier and stronger teeth. The benefits are many and are long term. Come see us today for a comprehensive dental checkup!

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