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Dental sealants are an effective tool in the fight against cavities, but they’re usually associated with issues of children and young adults.

But can they work the same way for adults? And just what are dental sealants and what do they do? How are they applied? How long does scaling take?

If you have asked questions like these, Your Gold Coast Dental dentist is here with some answers!

What are sealants? 

Sealants are plastic material typically applied to the chewing surfaces on back teeth—premolars and molars.  This plastic resin bonds into the grooves and depressions of the chewing surfaces of these teeth.

Once in place, the sealant is a barrier, protecting enamel on top of the tooth from plaque and acids.  Sealants can give you protection in areas that toothbrushes find very difficult to reach. No matter how well you brush, and

how often you do it, toothbrush bristles can’t reach all the grooves and depressions on your teeth’s chewing surfaces. These unreachable spots are great spots for plaque and food particles to collect.

Application of dental sealant prevents decay from developing in these vulnerable areas. With sealants, these vulnerable areas are protected as the sealants literally “seal out” plaque and food.

Getting sealants

Sealant application is a simple, quick, and painless:

  • First, the tooth’s surface is cleaned then dried.
  • Next, an acidic gel is briefly applied to prepare the surface by roughening it up to help the sealant better adhere to the tooth.
  • Shortly after, the gel will be rinsed away, the tooth will be dried, and the sealant will be applied.
  • After tooth surface is dried and the sealant has been applied a curing light is used to harden the sealant onto the tooth.

Why sealants are helpful at all ages

Despite being thought of as a procedure for children, there are some unique positives to dental sealants that apply to teeth of any age. The fact is, everyone with teeth is susceptible to decay. Sealants can limit decay for anyone who chooses to have them applied.

Basically, dental sealants are a great form of preventive maintenance, similar to painting or putting a finish on wood to protect it. Spending a little money on sealants now helps you be confident you won’t have to have costly dental procedures down the road.

Other things to consider

Sealants, like most treatments, aren’t perfect. For one thing, they are an immediate cost, even when teeth are currently fine. Sealants also aren’t permanent; they’ll need to be reapplied every ten years.

With those limitations noted, sealants can have benefits for patients of all ages:

  • Save Money: The cost of treating cavities can be expensive, especially for those without dental insurance. Almost across the board, application of dental sealants now costs less than complicated corrective treatments later.
  • Save Time: Dental sealants reduce your risk of getting cavities, so you spend a lot less time dealing with oral health issues.
  • Be Healthier: Dental sealants improve the overall, long-term health of your teeth, gums, and body. Tooth decay can quickly lead to more severe oral health problems and problems that can quickly spread to the rest of the body. And when you have cavities filled, the health and strength of the tooth are decreased. With dental sealants, you can avoid many of these health issues.
  • Solve Simply: Dental sealants are applied quickly, with no discomfort or pain or discomfort during or after the treatment. Sealants last for years and years, which is excellent news for all patients who aren’t fond of going to the dentist. Sealants are a simple solution to one of the most common and troublesome oral health problems, and they really work.

Sealants are only part of the dental health answer 

Sealants are only part of the dental health regimen for patients of any age. Even with sealants, we stress the importance of good daily brushing and flossing habits.

We also recommend a healthy diet–one in which sugary foods, sodas, and fruit juices are rare and water, and healthy foods are abundant. Finally, even after sealants are applied, you still need to come in for regular dental appointments, which give us an opportunity us to detect problems early and make sure your dental health plan is on track.

More about dental sealants at Your Gold Coast Dentist

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