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Your Gold Coast Dentist and Dental Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, with warmer temperatures, longer days, opening up of windows, and making sure your teeth are in tiptop condition.

Ok, maybe attending to your teeth isn’t the FIRST thing that jumps to mind when you think of spring, but when you think of spring cleaning, it should be up there.

Spring cleaning is part of the season, a chance to restore everything to sparkly, clean, and new. Why not add your teeth to the list of cleaning your closet, tossing out the junk in the garage, recycling your cans and bottles, and hosing your car down?

At Your Gold Coast Dentist, we have a number of suggestions as to how you can give your mouth, and the tools you use to keep your oral health maximised; in other words, a dental “Spring Cleaning”!

Tips for spring-cleaning

  • Replace your toothbrush. Have you been using a toothbrush that came in your Christmas stocking or earlier? Well, it’s been a long time since Christmas, so it’s time to say goodbye to these beaten-down bristles. In fact, you should replace your toothbrush every 3 months or so. The same is true for an electric toothbrush, 3-4 months is the recommended replacement time for their heads as well. You can buy electric toothbrush heads in bulk to save money.
  • Take a look at the expiration on mouthwash. Most dentists recommend a mouth rinse as part of a good daily oral hygiene routine, but they can get old. Check your mouthwash bottle and if the expiration date has been passed, toss it and buy a new bottle.
  • Clean Your Invisalign / retainer / night guard cases. Cleaning our Invisalign, retainers, night guards against teeth grinding (bruxism), etc. is part of a good daily oral hygiene program. The carrying cases, however, often sit in our bathrooms and get neglected. They can collect bacteria and grime. Spring-cleaning is your chance to soak your cases and then give them a good scrub to clean off debris and bacteria. And if you’ve been sick, you should always remember to scrub your retainers, guards, and cases to avoid becoming ill again.
  • Professional cleaning for dentures. Dentures should be brushed each day for maximum cleanliness. In addition, they can benefit from a professional cleaning. We can clean your dentures and inspect them for signs of wear or damage. If you are having fit or feel issues with your dentures, spring is a great time to look at these issues.
  • Upgrade equipment. You get newer and better house-cleaning tools each spring, why not upgrade the tools you use on your teeth? Get increased cleaning power by upgrading to an electric toothbrush. These brushes remove debris from your teeth more effectively and with less effort. Besides, they come with cool built-in features such as automatic timers.

How Gold Coast Dentist can help

We offer treatments that can clean your teeth and spruce up your image for the summer ahead!

Scaling and cleaning. Also called deep cleaning, dental scale and clean refers to the removal of all plaque and tartar build-up surrounding the teeth and below the gum line. This is not only great for the health of your teeth, but it also removes unsightly and damaging tartar, giving you a stunning smile.

Scaling and cleaning at Your Gold Coast Dentist

Teeth whitening. Teeth whitening lightens your teeth and removes stains and discolouration along the way. At Your Gold Coast Dentist, we offer Zoom Whitening, a revolutionary whitening procedure, which whitens teeth up to eight shades better in just an hour.

Teeth whitening at Your Gold Coast Dentist

Veneers. Think of veneers like new blinds or a newly painted front fence – they give you a bright and attractive first impression. At Your Gold Coast Dentist, our porcelain veneers can treat discoloured teeth that resist regular teeth whitening, chipped teeth, cracked teeth, alignment issues, and small gaps between teeth.

Veneers at Your Gold Coast Dentist

Cosmetic bonding. One cosmetic dentistry option is dental bonding. This dental procedure solves minor teeth imperfections to give you a smile you’ve always dreamed of!

Cosmetic bonding at Your Gold Coast Dentist.

A spring-cleaning for your mouth is a gift to your health. A healthy mouth is associated with a confident smile and success. Feel good about your dental health and visit Your Gold Coast Dental for any of your dental needs this spring!

Getting the most at Your Gold Coast Dentist!

Your Gold Coast Dentist is your perfect dentist in the Parkwood area. Our practice combines the most advanced dental techniques available with high levels of skill and experience. We provide the highest level of quality and comfort for patients of all kinds. From routine checkups to the most complicated procedures, Your Gold Coast Dentist can treat you and your family with the care and respect you deserve!

All Patients Promotions

  • PAY NO GAP– NO GAP for Check-Up and Clean (every six months and with any health insurance)
  • NO HEALTH INSURANCE?– Only $149 for Check-Up and Clean

Call (07) 5594 6699 or visit us at Gold Coast Parkwood Piazza, Shop 10/300 Olsen Avenue in Parkwood near Southport North.

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