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Your Gold Coast Dentist Tips for The Perfect Valentine’s Day Smile

If there’s something that can ruin Valentine’s Day, it’s yellow teeth and bad breath.

In a recent survey, 45 per cent of those polled listed fresh breath as the most important consideration when preparing for a date.

Both men (58 per cent) and women (71 per cent) said that teeth matter most when scrutinising a potential match.

Whether you’re married or single, going on a first date or celebrating your 25th Valentine’s Day together, you don’t want yellow teeth and bad breath to become a major embarrassment if you’re snuggling up to your sweetie and he or she asks can tell you what you had for lunch or leans away when you lean in.

At Your Gold Coast Dentist, we want you to have a great Valentine’s Day, free from the worry of bad breath. Here’s how:

Keep up good oral hygiene. This is almost too obvious, but brushing and flossing is the basis of good oral health and breath. Brush twice a day and floss at least once.

Also, visit your Gold Coast Dentist for your regular checkups and cleanings. Cleanings can help keep your teeth free of plaque and tartar, leaving fewer hiding places for the bacteria.

Teeth Whitening at Your Gold Coast Dentist

Whiten your teeth and boost your confidence with teeth whitening at Your Gold Coast Dentist. Everybody wants to have a bright smile, even more so on special occasions like Valentine’s Day.

At Your Gold Coast Dentist, just give us one hour and we can do wonders for you! Enjoy whiter teeth after only an hour with Zoom Whitening in our office.

Scale and Clean at Your Gold Coast Dentist

Clean your tongue. Bacteria stick to your tongue, then release a waste byproduct that causes a gross stench. Try using a tongue scraper or make sure that you brush your tongue to remove any bacteria, byproducts from the bacteria, or plaque.

Chew gum. Chewing gum removes bacteria and increases the flow of saliva. But ensure it’s sugar-free and contains xylitol, an antibacterial sweetener.

Drink up. Want fresh breath for the big night? Stay hydrated. It helps with saliva production, and saliva is your friend when it comes to fighting bacteria that cause bad breath.

Eat a low-carb diet balanced with proteins and fats. Fatty foods break down and create ketones; their odour can come back up through your esophagus and into your breath. So add healthy carbs like broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, and fresh fruits to your diet, to balance out fats and promote better breath.

Eat your veggies. Greens promote alkalinity, so the bad-breath-causing acid in your body balances out.

Snack on carrots or any other crunchy, healthy foods. The hard texture of carrots, apples, and celery can remove food stuck between teeth and rub away bacteria on top of them. Hard, crunchy foods act like a natural toothbrush.

Drink more green juice and less coffee. Green juices contain low levels of acid, while coffee contains high amounts, which can lead to bad breath.

Take probiotics. Probiotics provide the proper enzymes you need to break down foods sufficiently and decrease the chance of food fermenting in your stomach.

Avoid cigarettes. Smoking dries out your mouth and shrinks the blood vessels, so you’re not getting healthy saliva flow.

Apply flavoured lipgloss. This isn’t going to cure your garlic breath, but it will help hide the odour until you get the chance to brush and floss.

Good Breath On Your Valentine’s Day Date

If you have a romantic date planned with a loved one, we have some strategies to keep your breath clean during the entire evening.

Before the Date

  • Brush and floss your teeth, and be sure to scrape your tongue.
  • Floss again before dinner to remove food that might be stuck between teeth.
  • Use a mouth wash or rinse.

During Dinner

  • Avoid foods with a strong odour – if you can still taste it, others can probably smell it.
  • Eat crunchy foods. Their high moisture content can remove foods caught between your teeth and remove bacteria that feed on these trapped foods. Consuming hard textured foods (ideally with high water content) is like brushing your teeth.
  • Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated washes away food particles and helps to produce saliva, which works to cleanse your mouth and prevent dry mouth.
  • If you left your mints at home, gnaw on your garnish. Many garnishes neutralise smell-causing sulphides.
  • Stay away from chocolate cake and choose a dessert full of berries, oranges or apples, which help cleanse your breath.
  • Instead of coffee, sip tea.

After Dinner

  • Chew gum with xylitol when all eating and drinking is done – this not only freshens breath, but it stimulates saliva flow, which cleanses the mouth.
  • Treat your upset stomach, particularly if you have acid reflux.

Getting The Most At Your Gold Coast Dentist!

Your Gold Coast Dentist is your perfect dentist in the Parkwood area. Our practice combines cutting-edge dental techniques available with high levels of skill and experience for patients of all ages.

From routine checkups to the most complicated procedures, Your Gold Coast Dentist can treat you and your family with the care and treatment you deserve!

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