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Top Father’s Day Dental Gifts

Father’s Day, September 2, is rapidly approaching.

And you may not have a gift for your Dad. Worse, your dad may already have all the usual “dad stuff” like ties, socks, barbecue gear, and technological gizmos.

This might leave you wondering what you can do to show your Dad your appreciation for all he has done?

For a gift that keeps giving, how about getting Dad something that will help him keep his teeth shiny and his oral health optimised?

Just in time for Father’s Day, Your Gold Coast Dentist has a list of dental gift ideas for your Dad!

Electric Toothbrush: Think of it as a power tool for Dad’s teeth! It might not be as much fun to use as other power tools, but it’s an important one—especially for those who have a harder time grasping a manual toothbrush.

The power tool aspect can make the process seem less of a chore and more fun and therefore encourage your Dad to brush longer and more regularly.

Travel kit: If your dad travels, camps, or hunts, fill their travel kit with the things they need for routine dental care and emergencies. Include a travel toothbrush, travel-sized toothpaste, travel packs of floss or plastic flossers, and travel-sized mouthwash.

In case of emergency, toss in latex gloves, OTC pain medication, and cotton. Be sure to include the phone number for Your Gold Coast Dentist in case Dad needs to call us!

Water flosser: Electric razors are often recommended as a Father’s Day item, but what about something for the inside of the face? What about a water flosser?  A water flosser, sometimes called a water pick, is an oral irrigator.

It shoots a thin stream of water, and when aimed between your teeth or at the gumline it can remove food particles and plaque on or between your teeth. This is a perfect gift or Dad’s who really don’t like to floss.

New toothbrushes without the hassle!

Give the gift of a new toothbrush (manual toothbrushes or electric toothbrush heads) just as dad’s old one is giving out. And you can get them shipped directly to Dad’s door!

One option for this is GoodMouth, a company that not only sends replacement toothbrushes to your dad but also donates dental products to people in need. Give the gift of oral health to your dad and the needy!


Dads who engage in contact sports, expose themselves to dental emergencies. A forceful blow to the face can knock out, break, or loosen our teeth. To avoid such dangers, we recommend mouthguards.

Mouthguards are a protective dental appliance that covers the teeth and protects teeth from the impact.

There are three types of mouthguards – stock mouth protectors, boil and bite, and custom-made. Custom made mouthguards provide optimum protection. They are skillfully crafted by dentists, based on your unique measurements.

Custom-fitted mouthguards perfectly fit the teeth and are made of durable materials to withstand force. When worn, they do not hamper speaking and breathing, unlike the other types.

More about mouthguards at Your Gold Coast Dentist

White teeth for Father’s Day

Why not give your Dad a great smile for Father’s Day? A study by Kelton Research revealed the benefits of whiter teeth to success and personal life. According to a survey, which used simulations of real-life situations, 58% of the participants were more likely to be hired and about 53% were offered a higher salary after their teeth were whitened.

At Your Gold Coast Dentist, we use Zoom Whitening, which whitens teeth up to eight shades in just an hour. Tough stains that can’t be removed by regular teeth whitening can be removed by Zoom Whitening. The result is a whiter shade that lasts longer.

More about whitening at Your Gold Coast Dentist

Noise Canceling Headphones

These don’t seem like a dental gift at first glance, but noise-cancelling headphones give your dad the gift of peace and quiet, even in the dental chair. These headphones are great to drown out the annoying noises of everyday life, but they are also great for the dentist’s chair.

Your dad can ignore the sound of the drill while listening to his favourite music. This is a great gift for dads who may have dental anxiety, as it lets them relax and chill out while Your Gold Coast Dentist makes sure your oral health is perfect!

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