5 Tips For Great Dental Visits on the Gold Coast Infographic

If you’ve never visited a dentist because of your busy schedule, are afraid of things done in the office, or avoiding a dental appointment because of a bad experience in the past, then we have some tips to make your visits easier!

We understand how stressful a dental appointment can be, and we are here to help.

Here are 5 tips for great dental visits from Your Gold Coast Dentist. Let’s take a look!

#1 Confirm your appointment

Organise everything in advance. Call your dental clinic to confirm your appointment. Repeat the date, day, and the time to be sure there is no confusion.

#2 Arrive on time

A lot of things can go wrong if you come in late for your dental appointment. If you’re nervous about the visit in the first place, that anxiety may increase if you arrive late. Set a reminder on your phone to remind yourself of the appointment. We recommend arriving 15-30 minutes early. You can spend the extra time to relax, become accustomed to the office, and talk to our friendly staff.

#3 A bit nervous?

Dental anxiety affects 5% of Australian patients. You are not alone! Don’t be afraid to tell your dentist how you feel. Your dentist is trained to ease your worries and make you feel comfortable. For children, we have laughing gas to make them feel more comfortable.

#4 Discuss dental problems

Spill the beans! This is the time to tell your dentist about your dental problems. Spare no question. Your dentist is knowledgeable and can answer your queries. If you think you have a dental problem, your dentist is the right person to talk to.

#5 Schedule follow-ups

Caring for your teeth does not magically happen in one check up. It takes overall commitment to achieve optimum oral health. Schedule follow up check ups with Your Gold Coast Dentist.

Extra Tips for Parents

We recommend bringing your child with you to your dental appointments. In this way your child is introduced to oral health and sees dental check ups as an essential part of general wellbeing.

When bringing your child with you limit your in-transit stopovers to two, to avoid your child becoming bored, which may result in tantrums.

Your Gold Coast Dentist supports Medicare’s Child Dental Benefits Schedule which covers up to $1000 worth of dental benefits for eligible children.

Stress-Free Visits in Gold Coast

We look forward to seeing you in our dental facility soon!

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