Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction | Dentist Parkwood Gold Coast The third molars are the last set of teeth to erupt. And since they erupt at a time when you are supposed to be someone with wisdom, around 17-25 years old, they have earned the name wisdom teeth.

But wisdom teeth do not only come with wisdom. They can also bring a number of dental issues.

When this happens, a tooth extraction may be needed. At Your Gold Coast Dentist, wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure done in the office. Great care and attention goes into the process to ensure patient safety at all times.

If your wisdom tooth troubles you, it’s time to see Your Gold Coast Dentist right away!

Common Reasons For Removal

An adult person has 32 permanent teeth. Not everyone has wisdom teeth, and even without them your bite and chewing capacity won’t be affected.

Below are the possible reasons that may lead to the extraction of a wisdom tooth.


When there isn’t enough space for the wisdom tooth to erupt, it pushes against the surrounding teeth.

Gum flaps

Some wisdom teeth have gum flaps or tissue covering the crown. This is not painful, but food debris can be trapped in these areas and lead to tooth decay.


Cysts can form around newly erupted teeth. Untreated, the cysts can hollow out the jawbone and damage the tooth’s nerves.


As the impacted wisdom tooth pushes the other teeth, alignment may be affected. This is crucial, particularly if the patient has had orthodontic treatment performed.

Importance of removing a problematic wisdom tooth

A number of dental issues may spring from a problematic wisdom tooth. Aside from the possible pain, there are issues of tooth decay, misalignment, and jaw disease.

The longer you delay the extraction, the more you expose your teeth to dental problems.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Procedure

A wisdom tooth extraction usually requires a dental X-ray for your dentist to properly determine the best way to remove the tooth. The procedure takes around 45 minutes. Your medical history will be checked prior to the procedure to ensure safety.

A local anaesthesia will be administered to keep you free from pain. Your dentist may make an incision in the gums, remove the tooth, then stitch the gums using stitches that will dissolve after a few days.

After-care instructions will be given. It is important to follow these instructions to facilitate fast healing. Those who smoke heal slower than those who don’t. Your dentist may schedule follow up dental check-ups to monitor your recovery.

Quality Services And Patient Safety At Your Gold Coast Dentist

If your wisdom tooth is troubling you, there’s no need to endure the pain. Seek professional help at Your Gold Coast Dentist. The earlier you seek help, the earlier will your pearly whites be danger-free.

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