Veneers in just 2 visits
Welcome to our Dental Podcast for Brisbane and the Gold Coast community.

Every month Dr Tony Cassimatis will share his tips on technological advancements in cosmetic dentistry which is now more affordable, durable and quicker than ever before. Dr Tony Cassimatis does veneers in just two visits and is the only dentist in Queensland who can offer the revolutionary Glamsmile veneers.

Podcast Transcript

So, Dr Cassimatis, how long have you been doing the Glamsmile Veneers for?

l have been doing the Glamsmile Veneers for 10 years now. As a cosmetic dentist, I am always looking for the most conservative Tx for my Patients and the Glamsmile Veneers offer it with minimal preparation of teeth.

What do you mean by ’minimal preparation’?

No cutting, shaving or filing of teeth like what is done with traditional Veneers or Crowns.

Does this make the Glamsmile Veneer System a pain-free Treatment?

Yes, it does. We don’t need to use any needles.

So, I see here that you do a Glamsmile Consultation appointment. What is involved with that?

The Glamsmile Consultation is a great opportunity for the Patient to come in and discuss with me what they want done to their smile.

At this Consultation, I listen to the Patient’s concerns and I also take a photo of the Patient’s smile so they can point out to me what they dislike about their smile.

From there I will formulate a Tx Plan that would best suit their particular needs.

Costs are also discussed at this Glamsmile Consultation and since every Patient is different, it is hard to put a blanket cost as I may have to do a gumlift and/ tooth whitening with the treatment.

So once the Patient has had the consultation and decides to go ahead. What is involved in the first appointment?

What we do is the following. Impressions of top and bottom teeth as well as a Bite Registration of the teeth closed together. A series of photos are also taken to help with designing the new smile that Patient is wanting.

Once we have done a design is done by the Glamsmile Lab and this is sent out to the Patient to review and if they want any changes done to the smile then this will be their opportunity to tell us so we can tell the Glamsmile Lab of the changes the Patient is asking to be done and adjust the design before we manufacture them. Once the Patient gives us the go ahead, the lab then makes them.

How are the Veneers designed?

The Impressions of the teeth that are taken are scanned by a computer. With this data that is collected, a fitting design is done and sent back to me to confirm before on forwarding it to the Patient.

How long do Glamsmile Veneers last for?

Another great question. When I first started doing these Veneers, I use to say to Patients that there would be a 10 year life but now I am seeing a lot of these cases come back and am comfortable now to say 15 year life.

All this is sounding very exciting indeed. So how many visits are required before a Patient has these Veneers?

Most cases can be two short visits. The time for the first appointment is about 10 to 15 minutes and the second (or insert) appointment is about 30 minutes.

What’s the Veneer made of?

They are made from the same porcelain that is used in conventional veneers.

Does a Patient need a Check-Up and Clean before the Glamsmile Tx?

We recommend strongly that a Patient has a Check-Up and a Clean to make sure that their Oral Health is good.

Here at our Practice, we offer ’No Gap’ Check-Ups and Cleans so Patients are encouraged to come back for regular checks and cleans. If a Patient is not in a Health Fund then we offer a special fee for checks and cleans.

So, what is involved in the Fitting appointment?

The teeth are prepared by me and the Glamsmile Lab supplies (necessary in a handful of cases) reduction or adjustment trays which I fit onto the teeth which tells me where to adjust the tooth or teeth for the Glamsmile Veneers.

Once the adjustments have been made, I polish the teeth with a gritty sand to make sure that the surface is clean of any residue or plaque.

The Glamsmile Veneers are then pre-fitted to make sure of their fit on the teeth. Once this has been confirmed, we may do a resin cement shade try~in which will help in the final colour determination of the Glamsmile veneers.

This is where the Patient is still involved in the decision process. After a decision has been made on the resin cement shade, the tooth is treated with a mild acid gel to help clean the surface more so the resin cement adhesive will stick more effectively to the tooth.

A UV Light is then used to set this material for the next stage. The chosen resin cement is placed on the fitting surface of the veneer and then this whole thing is placed on the tooth.

Excess resin cement is squeezed out and wiped away. The UV Light is then used again to set the resin cement and any excess is removed with a hand instrument.

We make sure that the Patient can floss between the veneers as this is important for their maintenance and then a final polish is done of the veneers to remove any surface debris.

Once the Glamsmile Veneer fitting appointment is completed, the Patient is explained PostOp Instructions and another appointment is made within a week to check to make sure everything is OK and to see if any adjustments are required.

How does a Patient care for the Glamsmile Veneers once they have them?

Just like your own teeth. Brushing, Flossing, of course, regular Check-ups with us. The floss that recommended is unwaxed floss as this helps to remove any staining that may occur between the veneers and natural teeth as well.

Can a Glamsmile Patient eat anything.

Yes, you can eat any food. Drinking anything is not a problem either.

A Patient may have ’gappy’ teeth. Can Glamsmile help close these ’gaps’?

Yes, it can help in closing those gaps.

A Patient’s teeth are crooked or crossed over and yet they don’t want braces. Can Glamsmile help in ’straightening’ their teeth?

Yes, it can help in straightening those. Therefore there is no need to have years of Orthodontic Treatment.

Some Patients have tried to have their teeth whitened but nothing seems to be working. Can Glamsmile help with making their teeth ’whiter’?

Yes, it can help in making the teeth ’whiter’? You could say it is a permanent whitening.

What if the Patient already has Crowns and/ Veneers on their teeth, can these Patients sti|| have Glamsmile Veneers?

Yes, they can but these need to be assessed on a per Patient basis as we need to make sure that the work is sound and there is no sign of decay. The Glamsmile technology is so good that over the years I have had success in placing Glamsmile Veneers on old dental work with no adverse affects. Also being as thin as they are, they won’t look bulky.

Some Patients may have a dark tooth from a previous root canal or even stained teeth from having antibiotic cover when they were a child and tried whitening but hasn’t worked.

Yes, some Patients may have had a root canal treatment done on one of their front teeth and the other situation that you talk about is the Tetracycline-stained teeth.

Tetracycline is an antibiotic that was heavily used back in the 60’ and 70’s but they weren’t aware of the long term effects it would have on teeth. Sadly, in these cases, whitening will not work but the Glamsmile Veneers will certainly cover these teeth and mask out the staining.

Can Glamsmile be placed on the bottom teeth as well?

Yes, they can but we have found that a majority of the Patients only require they’re Uppers to be done. A good test to see if a Patient wants to do top and bottom is to ask someone to take a photo, say, on a mobile phone.

To make sure that when the Patient smiles for the photo, they must say the letter ’E’ as this will create the normal smile for the Patient and thus giving them an idea on what teeth show.

One thing I have noticed is that when Patients have a new Glamsmile smile, they tend to come back to have more done as they start to see the rest of their smile which has never shown before having the veneers. A lot of Patients say that the new smile has given them a lot of confidence socially, personally and work-wise.

If a Patient is interested in having this done and finance is an issue. Is there anything available to help this Patient?

Yes, there are lnterest-Free Finance Plans that are available at our Practice. The Patient can apply for this at the first appointment. The choices vary and this will help with the Patient deciding which suits them best.