The Ultimate Guide for Glamsmile Porcelain Veneers at Your Gold Coast Dentist It seems that, as cosmetic dentistry has improved in leaps and bounds, everyone is looking for a way to upgrade their smile to movie-star levels.

Smile makeovers, FastBraces, and Zoom Whitening all offer impressive results, and now Your Gold Coast Dentist has a new smile-improving tool to add their arsenal – Glamsmile Porcelain Veneers!

Proprietary GlamSmile technology makes it possible to treat misshapen, severely stained, misaligned, chipped, and discoloured teeth permanently and painlessly, and transform them into sparkling smiles at an extremely economical price.

Your Gold Coast Dentist is one of the few dentists in Australia to offer this new revolutionary treatment to our patients.

Dr Tony Cassimatis explains, “Different to traditional veneers, GlamSmile Veneers do not require the loss of healthy tooth structure. This means no sensitivity, no pain, and no need for anaesthesia.

Better yet, the entire treatment can often be completed in two, one-hour visits to our comfortable office!”

Typically, GlamSmile Veneers give instant teeth reshapings, straightening, and whitening that never fades!

Because each smile is unique to the person who wears it, GlamSmile Veneers are individually designed to fit and improve your features!

Issues fixed by GlamSmile Veneers

  • Discoloured teeth which resist regular teeth whitening
  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Minor alignment issues – misaligned, irregular shape, uneven
  • Small gaps between teeth

Benefits of GlamSmile Veneers

  • No or minimal tooth preparation
  • Less tooth sensitivity
  • Painless & fast
  • More affordable than traditional porcelain veneers
  • No anaesthetic or needles (in most cases)
  • Only two short visits required
  • Permanent tooth whitening with no maintenance
  • Ultra-thin but super strong

Let’s take a closer look at this revolutionary, smile-changing technology!

What is GlamSmile?

GlamSmile is a quick, efficient and usually non-invasive procedure which can dramatically improve the appearance of tooth shape size, and colour. Two visits to the dentist are generally enough for the perfect smile. GlamSmile’s individually crafted veneers are securely and safely bonded to existing teeth to create a new, improved smile.

During the first visit, the dentist discusses the possibilities and the results that can be expected. Because in designing the veneers, our engineers take into account factors such as the form of the face and lips, skin colour, gums and whites of the eyes, the dentist takes extensive (detail) photos of the face and teeth. Then, a mould of the teeth is constructed.

Each veneer is custom-constructed the individual patient by skilled technicians taking advantage of the latest in computer-aided (CAD) technology. This ensures that the veneers will perfectly fit your teeth and gums perfectly.

The shape, length, and thickness of each veneer are adapted to the particular tooth it will cover. Once the veneer is designed, it is produced in high-quality porcelain.

On the second visit, we place the veneers – without any intrusive or destructive adjustment work to the teeth themselves. Only if several teeth are out of alignment is there the need for minimal removal of enamel. This approach guarantees an esthetically perfect result!

Because of the overall approach of GlamSmile, D. Cassimatis can place 6 to 10 veneers at once in less than an hour, which saves patients time and a bundle on labour cost compared to traditional veneers, which have to be attached one by one.

Are Payment Plans Available?

Although GlamSmile Veneers are extremely economical, we know that money can be tight. This is why Your Gold Coast Dentist offers interest-free payment plan options through Zip Money and DentiCare.

Over 5,000 new smiles across Australia!

Since 2008, GlamSmile certified dentists have transformed more than 5,000 Australian smiles with affordable porcelain veneers. Across the world, GlamSmile has provided tens of thousands of people with beautiful new smiles.

Your Gold Coast Dentist, Dr Tony, is one of the most experienced and trusted Glamsmile dentists in Australia, having performed over 1,500 smile makeovers over the last ten years. Many dentists offer porcelain veneers. However, only specially trained dentists can offer GlamSmile porcelain veneers.

If your smile no longer suits you, it’s time to seek help from Your Gold Coast Dentist. Consult today to learn if you are an ideal candidate for GlamSmile Veneers! After consultation, you receive a full written quote based on your specific requirements.

Evening and Saturday appointments are available for your convenience!

However you imagine your perfect smile, stop dreaming about the possibilities and talk to a GlamSmile participating provider dentist about your smile goals today.

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