Smile Makeovers

Smile Makeovers | Dentist Parkwood Gold Coast Your dentist is not just a go-to when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy, he/she can also help you improve your pearly whites aesthetically.

Your Gold Coast Dentist offers multiple cosmetic dentistry options to choose from.

But what if your cosmetic issue is something one dental treatment can’t solve?

What if you need a total makeover? Your Gold Coast Dentist offers a smile makeover to solve several cosmetic issues at once!

There’s no need to get your dental treatments one at a time and waste valuable time. With smile makeovers, you can have them all!

The “Hollywood Smile”

Television stars have it all – from poise, to face, to character, they shine above all else. No wonder many idolise them, and even dream to shine just like them.

Your Gold Coast Dentist can help. One star quality is the “Hollywood Smile” – dazzling pearly whites, straight and even, white and sparkling, and in every way perfect. With help from Your Gold Coast Dentist, you can achieve this look!

Smile makeovers are a combination of cosmetic treatments made to revive the appearance of your smile. This dental procedure targets:

  • Misalignment and jaw issues
  • Crooked teeth (crowding of teeth)
  • Missing teeth
  • Discoloured teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Amalgam (silver) fillings
  • Worn and broken teeth
  • Gaps between teeth

For instance, a patient who has discoloured teeth and a missing tooth may have a dental implant and a teeth whitening procedure. The best thing about smile makeovers is the fact that the multiple dentistry treatments performed are designed to work harmoniously, as opposed to having them done one at a time. The result is a better smile profile and improvements that last longer.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Your Gold Coast Dentist offers multiple cosmetic dentistry services which can be combined in a smile makeover. Let’s take a look.

Dental fillings

Whether by cavity or accident, cracks and holes in the tooth can be covered by white fillings. These are tooth coloured materials, hence they appear natural in the mouth. Those with amalgam fillings can also replace them with white fillings for safety and increased aesthetic appeal.

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Zoom Whitening

Zoom Whitening is a revolutionary whitening procedure that whitens teeth up to eight shades in just an hour. The procedure uses a Zoom advanced chairside lamp and a Zoom bleaching gel to accelerate the process.

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Take home teeth whitening

Personal bleaching trays are crafted for patients to bring to their homes. This type of whitening is recommended for those who want to whiten their teeth on their own. Usage instructions are provided as well.

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Porcelain veneers

Veneers are millimeter thin shells made of tooth coloured materials bonded to the surfaces of the teeth to mask minor teeth imperfections.

Although they are ultra-thin, veneers are durable and can last up to 10-15 years with proper care. They also resist stains better than your natural teeth.

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Cosmetic bonding

Dental bonding is the application of resin material directly on the damaged tooth to improve its appearance. The material is tooth-coloured, making it natural looking and impossible to detect when applied.

The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes per tooth, and is one of the least expensive dental procedures.

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Smile Makeovers at Your Gold Coast Dentist

If you’re unhappy with your smile and want to have the “Hollywood Smile”, then Your Gold Coast Dentist is the dental facility to trust! Our cosmetic dentistry options guarantee amazing results.

Treat your pearly whites to the pampering they deserve with smile makeover! Talk to us today.

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