Lost fillings, crown or inlay/onlay

Lost fillings crown or inlay onlay | Dentist Parkwood Gold Coast Thanks to modern dentistry, a beautiful smile can be yours for a lifetime. With durable restorative devices, your teeth can have their strength and beauty return.

But despite their durability, dental restorations such as dental fillings, dental crowns, inlays, and onlays can still be damaged. Whether by abuse, accident, or natural wear and tear, your dental restorations can suddenly break, leaving you in pain and inconvenience.

At Your Gold Coast Dentist anything that causes you pain and compromises your oral health is dealt with as soon as possible. For dental emergencies Your Gold Coast Dentist is your trusted emergency dentist in Parkwood.

Same day dental emergency appointment available!

What Damages Dental Restorations?

Natural wear and tear

All dental restorations have a breaking point. Years of daily participation in your teeth’s activities cause them to weaken until they break.


Time and again your dentist tells you that your teeth are not tools for opening packages, tearing ribbons, and other similar tasks. The same is true for your dental restorations. Add to that the times when you eat hard and sharp food. These kinds of abuse can damage or break restorations.

Poor dental hygiene

Tooth decay is the most common reason for getting a dental restoration. Upon placement, you will be educated on their proper care and good oral hygiene habits. Failure to follow this advice can cause secondary cavities to develop on the tooth making it too weak to support the dental restoration.

Poor dental work

Choose a skilled dentist to perform the procedure. Poor dental work affects the durability and performance of the restoration.

What To Do In Case Of Breakage

Dental Crown

  • Locate and secure the dental crown.
  • Apply clove oil to the tooth to lessen pain and sensitivity of the tooth.
  • Buy OTC dental cement or petroleum jelly to temporarily keep the crown in place on your way to the dentist.

Tooth Filings, Inlays/Onlays

  • Make sure that there are no broken pieces of the restoration left in the mouth.
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly.
  • Apply clove oil on the aching area to lessen pain and tooth sensitivity.
  • Collect the pieces but do not reattach them yourself. Doing so decreases the chances of inhaling the pieces, which can cause an infection in the lungs.
  • Go to your dentist immediately.

Same Day Dental Emergency Appointment In Gold Coas

Trust your oral health to no one else. A dental emergency requires a team who is quick to attend to and provide for your needs. Your Gold Coast Dentist offers a same-day dental emergency appointment for you and your family’s dental emergency.

Call (07) 5594 6699 or visit us at Gold Coast Parkwood Piazza, Shop 10/300 Olsen Avenue in Parkwood near Southport North.

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