Knocked out Tooth

Knocked out Tooth | Dentist Parkwood Gold Coast A knocked out, or avulsed, tooth is a common dental emergency in contact sports.

In response to this, the Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) and the Australian Dental Association (ADA) have made wearing of mouthguards mandatory in contact sports such as basketball.

But even in the comfort of your home, you are still vulnerable to this dental emergency.

At Your Gold Coast Dentist anything that causes you pain and compromises your oral health is dealt with as soon as possible. For your dental emergencies Your Gold Coast Dentist is your trusted emergency dentist in Parkwood.

Same day dental emergency appointment available!

Important Things To Remember

There are few points to remember when handling a knocked out tooth. Following them is important for reimplantation. Let’s take a look.

First. The first 30 minutes after the injury is crucial for re-implantation. Go to your dentist immediately.

Second. Never touch the root of the tooth.

Third. Do not re-insert the tooth by yourself it is a baby tooth. This can damage the developing permanent tooth underneath.

First Aid Steps

  • Locate and secure the tooth. Pick it up by the crown.
  • Rinse the tooth only if it is dirty. Do not scrub or rub.
  • Reinsert the tooth in its socket and gently bite down on a soft cloth.
  • For a baby tooth, soak the tooth in milk, saline, or in saliva on your way to the dentist.
  • Go to your dentist immediately.

Treatment at Your Gold Coast Dentist

If the tooth has been reinserted, your dentist will take an X-ray to check if it is properly inserted. If it isn’t, your dentist will re-insert it. The area is numbed using a local anaesthesia. A splinting technique may be used to keep the tooth in place.

In case the tooth is not saved, we have tooth replacement options available such as dental implants, dentures, and dental crowns. Your dentist will help you every step of the way.

Same Day Dental Emergency Appointment In Gold Coast

Trust your oral health to no one else. A dental emergency requires a team who is quick to attend to and provide for your needs. Your Gold Coast Dentist offers a same-day dental emergency appointment for you and your family’s dental emergency.

Call (07) 5594 6699 or visit us at Gold Coast Parkwood Piazza, Shop 10/300 Olsen Avenue in Parkwood near Southport North.

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