Gold Coast Dentist Tips Top 5 Mothers Day Gift Ideas Mother’s Day seemed was a much simpler Sunday when we were young.

Mom didn’t ask much in the way of gifts; she was happy to get anything.

Get together some pieces of thick paper, glue some spray-painted macaroni on it, and maybe use a crayon to pen a message. Presto! Mother’s Day was taken care of.

As an adult, you have likely done better, but you might have been a bit predictable.

You probably give traditional gifts like chocolate, flowers, or cards.

But this year, why not give the long-lasting gift of a beautiful sparkling smile and dental health?

If you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift that will truly put a smile on your Mom’s face, why not take her to visit Your Gold Coast Dentist or bring her a dental gift that is thoughtful, caring, practical, and supports her smile?

So, for your Mother, Your Gold Coast Dentist suggests the following gifts.

#1 Water flosser

Water flossers are popular among dentists because they can thoroughly and quickly clean the spaces between teeth that brushing alone can’t reach.

Water flossers are popular among users because their strong and effective jets of water work like traditional floss but are far more comfortable to use and take far less time and effort.

Flossing helps break down and wash away food build-up and bacteria that hide beneath the gum line.

When you give Mom a water flosser, she can enjoy feeling that she’s just walked out of the dentist’s office, every day.

Start with a dental cleaning at Your Gold Coast Dentist and then use a water flosser? Your Mom’s breath will be great, her gums healthy, and her teeth shiny!

#2 Vitamins and minerals!

As women age, their bodies change in ways that can increase the risk of bone loss and gum disease. To battle this, calcium and magnesium are critical.

To show you want your Mom to live to a healthy old age, you can put together a colourful small basket stuffed with vitamins, minerals, and supplements that support your Mother’s dental health.

#3 Dental Emergency Kit

If your Mom travels, commutes, or is frequently around children, consider a dental emergency kit.

You can find commercial kits online or build your own that focuses on your Mom’s specific dental concerns.

One thing that needs to be included is the phone number for Your Gold Coast Dentist. We’re always happy to offer advice in case of an emergency.

#4 The gift of an improved smile

Stained, darkened, or discoloured teeth can harm smiles, careers, social lives, and love lives. An unattractive smile can cause embarrassing moments and decreased self-esteem.

If your Mom suffers from yellowed or stained teeth, at Your Gold Coast Dentist, a brighter smile could be just around the corner.

Give your Mom’s smile a more luminous glow with GlamSmile Porcelain Veneers or teeth whitening from Your Gold Coast Dentist.

Glamsmile Veneers. GlamSmile veneers offer the advantages of traditional veneers without some crucial disadvantages.

Many dentists offer porcelain veneers, but only specially trained dentists can offer GlamSmile veneers.

GlamSmile veneers fix the issues that traditional veneers do:

  • Discoloured teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Minor alignment issues – misaligned, irregular shape, uneven teeth

The difference is that GlamSmile veneers are so thin that, unlike conventional veneers, there is minimal or no tooth preparation required.

More about Glamsmile at Your Gold Coast Dentist

Zoom! Whitening is a cutting-edge whitening treatment that can whiten teeth up to eight shades brighter in just one visit!

The procedure uses a Zoom bleaching gel and a Zoom advanced chairside lamp to accelerate the whitening.

Zoom! Whitening can remove stains that regular teeth whitening can’t touch. The result is whiter teeth, which stay whiter longer than teeth whitened by other processes.

More about teeth whitening at Your Gold Coast Dentist

#5 Electronic Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes can keep your Mom’s teeth extra clean with less work, but they bring other benefits as well:

  • Mom will brush longer. Electric toothbrushes time your brushing.
  • It can relieve over-brushing. With electric toothbrushes it is difficult to apply more pressure than necessary.
  • It keeps her mind and heart healthy. Plaque can cause gum disease, inflammation, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and dementia.
  • Electric toothbrushes are great if Mom has arthritis. Electric toothbrushes have thicker handles with contoured grips, and the brush does the cleaning for you!

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