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General Dentistry | Dentist Parkwood Gold Coast Your Gold Coast Dentist is a family-centred dental clinic. There’s nothing we love more than helping you achieve optimum oral health and picture-perfect smiles.

Common dental problems experienced by patients of all ages are addressed in our office. Our general dentistry services cover simple to complicated dental treatments.

Wisdom tooth extraction

Not everyone has wisdom teeth and your teeth function effectively without them – they do not affect performance.

However, if a wisdom tooth has issues your other teeth may suffer as well. Common issues are impaction, gum flaps, cysts, and alignment issues.

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Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment saves the tooth from extraction, and halts further damage. The affected tooth is treated by removing the infected pulp. The chamber is cleaned and a dental filling is placed. To reinforce strength, a dental crown is often capped over the damaged tooth.

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Tooth extraction

At Your Gold Coast Dentist, tooth extraction is only recommended when it is the best option. We always want to save your natural tooth, in cases that it is possible.

However, should the situation call for an extraction, you don’t have to worry. Our dentists are skilled and experienced in the procedure.

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Tooth decay

Tooth decay is the leading cause of tooth loss, followed by periodontal disease. We encourage everyone to take advantage of our preventative dentistry services to stop dental problems such as tooth decay. If you think you already have cavities, don’t worry. We can still help!

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Gum disease treatment

Gum disease is the infection of the gums caused by bacteria. It is a leading cause of tooth loss among adults, and may lead to serious consequences when untreated.

For gum disease to be successfully treated, timeliness is very important. Treatment is most effective in the early stage of gum disease.

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Bad breath treatment

Halitosis, more commonly known as bad breath, is a dental problem affecting young and old alike. Unfortunately, sufferers are subject to the uncertain honesty of the people around them to discover they have it.

Our nose is desensitised to our own breath. You might be walking around town without even knowing you have it.

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Dry mouth

Aside from breaking down starch and helping to dissolve food, saliva also helps protect the teeth. A thin film of saliva covers the teeth and fights decay through its antibacterial agents. It also washes food debris away from the teeth.

Xerostomia or dry mouth is the decrease of saliva supply. When this happens, bacteria thrive on your teeth.

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General Dentistry Services in Gold Coast

Keep your teeth protected from all dental problems with the help of your trusted Gold Coast dentist. Our general services are designed to treat patients of all ages.

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