Broken Dentures

Broken Denture Dental Emergency | Dentist Parkwood Gold CoastEverybody loves smiling. The happy moments in life are best enjoyed with a confident smile. With modern dentistry, even those in their golden years can still have dazzling smile with the help of restorative devices such as dentures.

This teeth replacement option is popular because of its practical and aesthetic benefits – it brings back your smile on an economical basis.

But even dentures are not indestructible. Whether because of natural wear and tear, or due to abuse, your dentures can crack or even break, leaving you with an unflattering grin.

At Your Gold Coast Dentist anything that causes you pain and compromises your oral health is dealt with as soon as possible. For dental emergencies Your Gold Coast Dentist is your trusted emergency dentist in Parkwood.

Same day dental emergency appointment available!

Common Causes of damage

Caring for your dentures is easier if you know what commonly causes damage to them. Let’s take a look.

Wear and time
Your dentures are subject to daily stress from their day-to-day functions. They slowly, they weaken until they reach their breaking point.

Dentures are effective teeth replacement; but they are not equal to natural teeth. They are not as strong and they need more care. Just like your natural teeth need protection, your dentures do too. Eating hard, sharp, and sticky foods accelerate the damage; as well as using them as tools outside their purpose.

Every night, your dentures have to taken off for proper cleaning. Accidental breakage is possible when you take them off.

Poor fitting dentures
Your measurements may change over time causing your dentures to move around and fall out.

What To Do

The best solution for broken dentures is to see your dentist. Do not be tempted to repair even a small crack using denture repair kits. You may cause further and irreversible damage. Fixing broken dentures requires the skill and expertise of a dentist.

During your visit to Your Gold Coast Dentist, the damage will be examined. It is possible that your dentist will require you to get another denture if the old one is beyond repair or does not fit you perfectly.

Same Day Dental Emergency Appointment In Gold Coast

Trust your oral health to no one else. A dental emergency requires a team who is quick to attend and provide your needs. Your Gold Coast Dentist offers a same-day dental emergency appointment for you and your family’s dental emergency.

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